our guide will hold a sign with your name written on it waiting for you,you won’t miss him/her.Then help you store your luggage or you can bring it to our car.Drive 1.5 hours from airport to Mutianyu Great Wall.It is located abour 68 km from downtown Beijing.This section is less crowded than other parts of wall with picturesque views.The Great Wall of China worked as the northern defensive barrier protecting the capital Beijing.
There are three ways to get onto the Wall when you arrive at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall.


Drive up to the wall by shuttlebus from where you get off the car to the foot of the Great Wall Mountain around 20 min.


Take a round-way cable car up and down the Great Wall(optional)


Take a chairlift up to the Wall,hike 1-1.5 hours,then take a toboggan slide down(optional)


after hiking on one of the 7 world wonders ,you guide and driver will drive you back airport.

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