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Chinabeijingtour is a company with 20 years of experience in tourism reception. We currently offer special Tours for private individuals and groups of the Great Wall、Palaces、Hutong、Local food。Different from other companies, we not only offer good quality and low price, but also bring you many unexpected surprises during the tour


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Professional travel arrangements/The perfect combination of traditional Chinese culture and scenic spots/The perfect combination of local food and attractions


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Great Wall tourism types

Great wall layover tour

If you have a small amount of time to transfer in Beijing, please click on this section and there will be a detailed process explaining how to customize your transfer to the Great Wall, whether you only have half a day or one day

City Palaces Tour

Forbidden City
Summer Palace
Temple of Heaven
Other palaces tourism products

City Palaces Tour include the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and other scenic spots, you can choose one or several of them according to your own travel time, you can also freely combine other products, such as the Great Wall and Hutong tour products.

Hutong culture

Local Food Tour

Peking Duck
Beijing Hotpot
boiling meat and vegetables
All kinds of meat and vegetables inside(We can arrange vegetarian dumplings)
Influencer program manager
Doornail meat pie

Special trip customization

We will arrange special trips according to your specific requirements, please contact us for the latest quotation information